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Rawhide V1231

Crafted from rugged oil stuffed hide, the Rawhide is one of the strongest elastic-sided work boots available. It’s also one of the most stunning to look at because of the natural beauty and quality of the leather.

EN ISO 20345:2011 SBP HRO SRA

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11 reviews

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    Fantastic boots! Probably the hardest wearing but most comfortable boots on sale today.

  2. :

    Very boots out last any other brand I’ve had before them.

  3. :

    I am a multi drop Truck driver and do a lot of walking as well as driving. They are the most comfortable boots that I have ever wore. I have had three pairs and they always last me a full year unlike all other work boots. I also wear them on a weekend for walking the dog etc. A fantastic around boot for work and play, through summer and Winter.

  4. :

    Exxcellent work boots. Currently had a pair for 18 months and still going strong. They have been out in all weathers. Previously used buckler dealer boots which I thought couldn’t be beaten….

  5. :

    What a boot buy one pair every year about this time so there proper comfy in winter always buy a size smaller than needed because they stretch ,always gutted to trade the old pair for the new because the new are always tight for 10 days no rubbing tho .if you buy the right size after 6 months they flop about like a “rubber glove on a chickens lip ” be warned . Have had 9 pairs now on the trott would wear them in bed if I could get away with it . A fool wastes money on work boots that don’t last and arn’t comfy for 8 hours a day . Try a pair and I bet you want to wear them in bed as well !!! What a boot !

  6. :

    Great boots

  7. :

    good boots

  8. :

    Best boots ever had, last six times as long !!!!

  9. :

    Best work boot I’ve ever owned

  10. :

    Excellent pair of boots to wear very comfortable

  11. :

    Amazing boots wear these daily as my bulk standard work boot current pair have lasted over a year I was using red backs but these are much better and have outlasted my previous choice. Highly recommended as a go to farm work boot

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